pipe belt conveyorIn recent years, with the rapid development of China, the electronic information industry, combined with various related industries, has become a thriving and crucial emerging industry in China.

Jiangsu Nord is using this platform for the development of information industrialization. With the advantage of professional manufacturing of electronic basic materials, it began to establish a copper foil substrate production base in 2007. With excellent scientific and technological talents and innovative research and development capabilities, it is supporting the development and production of communication equipment, digital home appliances, computers and other products. The main electronic basic material: copper foil substrate, providing customers with satisfactory product selection and after-sales service.

Innovative research and development is the driving force for the continuous growth of enterprises and an important cornerstone for their sustainable operation. Therefore, in addition to producing products currently used in relevant industries, Jiangsu Nord pays more attention to future development trends, seizes opportunities, develops forward-looking environmental protection products, provides superior products and services to customers, grows synchronously with customers, and creates a bright future together.